Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star Winner

DSC9387 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner

The 2012 Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star grand prize winner at the moment of announcement.  She got a complete set of Electrolux kitchen appliances worth tens of thousands of pesos.  And I got this picture.  I think her expression is priceless.  These are the moments I am constantly watching out for.  It makes all the problems of shooting events such as these worth all the troubles.  Like “unphotogenic” stage lighting that turns people into green, red, or blue ugly monsters; the jostling for position with other photographers; or the group shot where only one or two people are looking at your camera.  As an event photographer, you just have to live with these and constantly think on your feet to minimize them.  Sure there are many ways to eliminate these problems but they take time, which an event photographer doesn’t have as fleeting moments happen every second whether you’re ready to capture it or not.  But when you do capture it, it’s priceless.

More photos below of that moment.

 DSC9381 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9382 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9383 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9384 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9385 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9386 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner DSC9387 Electrolux Wok A Holic Kitchen Star Winner

Makati Skyline

TonyStock Cover Makati Skyline

Been wanting to shoot an image of the Makati skyline for a very long time but haven’t found a vantage point to shoot from that I really like. Until now.

Shot this on my way to a client meeting one afternoon with my Canon PowerShot G11, which I always bring when not “officially shooting” .  I was in the MRT station when this beautiful view presented itself.  To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, “Photography is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.”    So bring your camera always.  And walk.  Couldn’t have taken this if I was driving or riding a bus.

If you have similar found landscape views or objects you made a picture of while you’re on your way to somewhere, feel free to post your story here and put a link to the photo.  We’d very much like to see it.

Btw, liked this Makati skyline so much that I made it my facebook page cover.  Hope you like the page, too.  For more pictures like this one, please go here: photo stock site.



I’d be happy, too, if I got a laptop.

Shot an event last week for Procter & Gamble (P&G), a regular client for event shoots thru CaPRi, their PR agency, and I just had to post some pictures and the accompanying press release below from the event.  I don’t usually do this but felt I needed to, as I was truly impressed and inspired by the program that commits to give 1 million laptops to public schools nationwide over a period of 25 years, in time for the company’s 100th year anniversary in the Philippines. I think every Filipino should support this program.  Please read the press release below (unedited) and learn how you can make this huge undertaking a reality for the country’s students all over the country.  And don’t forget to leave a comment or share it in Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word.  Let’s make this happen, Philippines!


(Here’s the press release)

Isang laptop. Mas malawak na kaalaman. Mas magandang bukas.

P&G and partners give students laptops, connectivity with its e.Studyante program


December 2, 2011, Tondo, Manila – Students at the Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School discovered a new world of knowledge at the launch of the e.Studyante program an e-learning advocacy program of P&G Philippines done in partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Synergeia Foundation.

The e.Studyante program will provide beneficiary school children with laptops and internet connectivity. With these, students are enabled to enjoyably self-discover a wider world of knowledge that helps them be more competitive in the future. They learn while sharing and connecting with each other, their communities and with the world.

School children in the Philippines face many challenges; sometimes, even the simple walk to school in the morning can be an arduous journey.  And when they arrive, they are faced with meager resources – overcrowded classrooms, the lack of books and school supplies – which all make for an uninspiring learning environment.

Through technology and connectivity, the e.Studyante program hopes to make the journey more worthwhile for students with tools that make learning fun, empowering, and even gives them access to the latest ideas and information that can be found online, keeping them in step with an increasingly technology-driven and connected world.

“The XO laptop was really designed to help empower the world’s poorest children through education. They’re not only very durable and energy-efficient they come with learning software for kids. Through these laptops, students become more engaged and involved in school. The process becomes less of the teacher talking and more of the students discovering things for themselves and learning from each other,” explained Chad Sotelo, Country Marketing Manager for the e.Studyante program.

“And through the internet, they have the connectivity that will place the world’s knowledge at their very fingertips. People and places that seemed so far away are now within reach through the web. All of these are tools which will help expand their horizons and pave the way for a brighter future,” Sotelo said.

The students of Manuel L. Quezon discovered this firsthand as video messages from supporters of the program were showed to them as they received their laptops – including an email from the President of the Philippines himself!

The kids also got the thrill of learning all about email by sending a reply to the President through the help of P&G volunteers, who guided them through the exercise of sending their very first email message.

And Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School is just the beginning for P&G and the e.Studyante program. In its 76th year, P&G is taking its commitment to education to the next level as it aims to give out 1,000,000 laptops in time for their centennial anniversary.

“But it’s not something we can do alone,” Sotelo said.  “To help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 students, we would like to invite moms all over the country to support the e.Studyante program by buying P&G promo packs.”

People can support the e.Studyante program by buying specially marked P&G promo packs available nationwide. They not only save up to 40% on your favorite P&G products but they also help provide a child with a world of educational materials and fun activities that will inspire them to learn and achieve even more.

Participating brands include Safeguard, Tide, Pampers, Downy, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Joy, Rejoice, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Vicks and Ambi-Pur.

“We are really in this for the long-haul. In the next few months, our target is to give out a total of 400 laptops to five schools nationwide but we hope that with your support, we will be able to give even more laptops in the coming years.  Our goal is to make the journey to school for 1,000,000 students more worthwhile by giving them laptops not just to learn but to share and connect with each other, with their communities and with the world – helping them all become an e.Studyante,” said Sotelo.

P&G enjoins all Filipinos to support the e.Studyante program and help gift each student with wider knowledge and a brighter future!  To find out more about the e.Studyante program, visit the e.Studyante facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/e.StudyantePH.

(Some photos from the event)



The Five Things That Could Help You Become A Better Digital Photographer

Here are five guidelines to help you move from beginner to advanced digital photographer, whether you’re using your mobile phone, point-and-shoot, or DSLR.

Compose Carefully
Pay attention to what you see in the viewfinder. Look right, left, top, and bottom of frame. What do you see? Is your subject filling the frame? If not, fill the frame with your subject. One way to do this is to move closer. Or zoom in. Now, is there anything more in the frame that distracts from your subject? A tree or a light post, perhaps? Move your subject to another position to get rid of the distraction. If that’s not possible, go around your subject until you find a viewpoint that shows you only your subject.  These are the things that a good photographer will do.

Take Great Close-up Pictures
Most cameras today come with a “macro mode.” Think of it as a magnifying glass that allows you to get extreme close-ups of your subject, like a flower. At this mode, petals and leaves suddenly become exciting subjects as its colors, shapes, and textures are presented in a way you may not have imagined before. Definitely adds excitement to your picture making. Play with this particular feature. There are definitely a multitude of ways to use it to bring your photos to a different level.

Buy a Tripod
Professional photographers own one or more tripods.  They know their cameras are not exempted from blurry photos.  And yours is not exempted either, however advanced or expensive it may be. Accept it. It’s just the way it is. That’s why it’s important to develop a technique in holding your camera steady while taking a picture, just like any pro photographer.  If you’re having difficulty holding it still, get a tripod. There are many brands and types to choose from. Expensive and cheap. Light and heavy. Short and long. Good photographers rely on it. You should, too.  Get one that’s relatively light and easy to set up and which you can bring along anywhere. Believe me, it will save you hours of frustration and help ensure you take pin-sharp photos. Every time.

Get Active
Have you seen photographers lying down to take a shot? Or hanging precariously on the side of a cliff or building? How about hanging on a rope? Yes, photographers usually do that just to get the shot they want. And no, you don’t have to be that photographer if you simply want to take a photo of your child playing. The “get active” simply means to get out of your usual box when it comes to taking pictures. It could mean get low, get high, run alongside your subject, explore other angles and point of views, that sort of thing. It’s what photographers do. Once you get into the habit of moving around, you can expect a pay off in the form of creative and out-of-the-ordinary beautiful shots of your loved ones.

Take a Class
Want to take your photography to the next level? Take a photography class. There’s one everywhere nowadays. Online, at your local recreation center, or school. There are photography classes and workshops for beginners, advanced, and even professionals. There’s really nothing quite like continuous learning. It’s the only way to develop your craft. Combine this knowledge with constant practice and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better photographer.

But after all’s been said and done, keep in mind that it takes time to hone any craft. You definitely won’t turn into an expert photographer in your first week. Simply keep trying new techniques each time you’re using your camera and, very soon, your family and friends will be admiring your newfound photographic skills and will always be calling on their favorite photographer.

6 Things to Remember When Buying Your First Digital Camera So You Can Avoid Any Disappoint Later

Every year, manufacturers are coming up with new digital camera models. And each model varies in design, functions, and features that it can leave anyone in the market for a point-and-shoot or DSLR confused.

If you have a brand preference, you’ve already narrowed down the choices to just that manufacturer’s units.  If not, well, I suggest you pick one of the well-known and traditional camera makers, like Nikon (my brand, btw) and Canon.  I personally stay away from the appliance manufacturers who recently joined the digital camera circus although I’ve heard and read some very good reviews of their cameras.  In fact, I’ve tried a couple of their digital cameras and they are indeed impressive. You might love them, who knows?

Don’t go looking for “Made in Japan” or “Made in America,” either.  You’re going to have a hard time finding them.  These digital cameras are now mostly made in China, Taiwan, or Thailand (the Nikons I use, at least).

Below are the things that I think anyone buying his or her first digital camera should consider instead.

What to look for when buying a digital camera

1. Budget.  If your father was rich, I’d say buy the most expensive digital camera and impress your friends.  I’m pretty sure, though, that you’ll only be using it once a month when you’re bored or once every few months during birthdays, summer outing, and holidays because you’ll eventually realize that you don’t want to lug around that heavy and badass piece of equipment around.  The manufacturers will be grateful to you and your dad, though.  But if you’re buying it with your hard-earned money, the most basic of the lot will do.  Believe me.  Even today’s mobile phone’s cameras are surprisingly good.

2. Where will you use your digital camera?  Again, if you’re not a professional photographer and just want to record your daily activities at work or play, the most basic of the lot will do.  You can even look for the low megapixel cameras, like the 5- or 6-megapixel units if you want to save some money.  They work just as good and you can get them very cheap nowadays.

3. Memory.  How much do you need or willing to spend?  2gb?  4, 8, 16, 32?  The higher the megapixel count of your camera, the more you need to spend for storage, especially if you take lots of pictures.  Professional wedding photographers take at least 1,000 high-resolution photos for every event.  Will you be taking as much photos on your child’s Christening or mom’s birthday?  If you know you will, you need at least 8-16gb SD or CF card.

Want to keep all the photos you’ll be taking with your new digital camera? Get an external drive for storage and back-up (or stacks and stacks of DVDs).

4.  Batteries.  If you’re diligent in fully recharging your camera’s battery before you use it and if you don’t look at your LCD every time you press the shutter, I think your battery will have enough juice until your last frame.   If not, get a spare battery; two if you’re going out on a long trip.

5.  Go online and read people’s opinions about, and experiences with, the camera you’re eyeing.  You can find these people in photography or digital camera equipment forums.  Avoid the manufacturer’s press releases and marketing hype.  Go to their websites only if you want to get the camera specs.  I have a technique in sifting the hype from the truth when searching online and you can use it, too.  In Google search box, type “(name of camera and model) sucks.”  It usually works.

6. Finally, read the manual after your purchase.  You’ll be surprised at the many wonderful things your digital camera can do if you simply read its manual.

Happy shooting with your brand new digital camera!  Cheers!


If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you have a baby.  And a camera.  And you want to photograph your baby and record all his or her “firsts.”  You also do not see the need to hire a professional to photograph your baby because, as I’ve said, you already have the tools and you’re pretty confident you can do a good job.

But every time you press the shutter, the image you were imagining isn’t what you’re getting.  What gives?

Don’t despair.  Even the best photographers need help from someone from time to time.  If you really want to photograph your baby and create beautiful photos with the camera you already have, I say read Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year HOW YOU CAN PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BABY LIKE IT WAS TAKEN BY A PROFESSIONAL.

After reading it, I guarantee that you will considerably improve your baby photos.  Now if you want to read more about the book, what it will teach you, and what people are saying about it, simply click the link and see: Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year HOW YOU CAN PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BABY LIKE IT WAS TAKEN BY A PROFESSIONAL

Now read it and and photograph your baby icon smile HOW YOU CAN PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BABY LIKE IT WAS TAKEN BY A PROFESSIONAL  You’ll be amazed at how beautiful baby pictures you can make with your digital camera.

24 Things You Should Ask A Wedding Photographer If You Care About Your Wedding Photos

Here’s the article I promised for soon to-be-married couples in the article I wrote a while back: 13 Proven Ways To Save On Photography While Getting Awesome Wedding Photos.

This list will somehow give you an idea if your prospective wedding photographer will be the right wedding photographer for your wedding day.

  1. Portfolio.  Ask the wedding photographer to provide you with a url of his or her website and meet him or her in person to see actual prints and/or albums.  Better yet, ask him or her to show a complete portfolio of a single wedding.
  2. Scope of coverage.  Will the coverage start from your preparation up to the end of reception?  Or just the ceremony or reception?  Again, your choice, as this may impact on the cost.
  3. Coverage Style.  Ask the photographer what’s his style.  Photojournalistic, traditional, or mixed?
  4. Will the photographer personally shoot your wedding.  Because some photographers sometimes assign the work to others.  Ask him or her to put it in writing, together with alternatives if he or she can’t really personally shoot your wedding.
  5. Unique and personal photos.  What’s the photographer’s plan or M.O. or S.O.P. with regards to making your wedding photographs unique and personal to you?
  6. Prenup and postnup photography.  Does the wedding photographer offer an engagement photo session or prenup?  How about postnup?  Ask him or her how much, and if there’s a discount for any of these services.
  7. Photographer’s experience.  Ask your prospective wedding photographer how long has he or she been in business?
  8. Costs.  These are the different packages.  Does the wedding photographer have different wedding packages to choose from.  Most wedding photographers will spell out the things included in a particular package.
  9. Overtime fee.  Will there be an overtime fee?  Ask beforehand and request that it be put in the contract if the wedding photographer has one.
  10. Travel Fees.  It’s customary for photographers to charge travel fees for out-of-town weddings.  Negotiate if you can.
  11. Discounts.  Will he or she give you a discount for duplicate prints, albums, enlargements, thank you cards, signature frames, etc.?
  12. Proofs for the album.  These may be in the form of contact sheets, CD /DVD, online gallery, or 3R prints.  From theses proofs, you will select the pictures that will go into the album.  It’s seldom now that photographers provide contact prints and 3R prints.  Wedding photographers and couples today prefer a CD/DVD or an online gallery because of convenience.  The photographer may likewise opt to send you the pictures thru email (slow and laborious) or send the photos to a cloud storage service (easy to use and fast), like Dropbox, which I currently use.
  13. How long will the wedding photographer give you the pictures for selection after the wedding. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month?
  14. How much time will the photographer allow you for picture selection.  I usually give my clients all the time they need to choose.   But, as a rule, you should make the selection within 2 weeks, at the most, because after a month or two, your wedding photographer may be busy with other shoots.
  15. Picture selection. Will the photographer help you in selecting, like give you a short list of his own choices to make the process easy for you?  In the Philippines, most couples like to choose themselves from the thousands of pictures I give them.  Your choice, really.  There are pros and cons to both.
  16. Prints/Reprints Orders.  Would the prospective wedding photographer have a system that will make it easy for your friends and relatives to order reprints for themselves?
  17. Picture quality.  How long will the printed pictures and album last, in terms of fading.
  18. Viewpoint or attitude towards photographing weddings.  For instance, is it just a job for him/her?  More often than not, the answer to this question will tip the scale for or against your decision in hiring the photographer.
  19. Assistant.  Will he/she have an assistant or assistants?
  20. Backup equipment.  Another basic and yet very important so that your photographer can continue shooting even if his or her main camera or other equipment decided to take a rest in the middle of your celebration.
  21. Film or digital.  Again, there are pros and cons to both.
  22. Payment policy.  This is another item you and your photographer should be able to agree on beforehand, preferably in writing.
  23. Availability.  Is the wedding photographer available on your wedding date?
  24. Guarantees.  This is important as you are paying with your hard-earned money.  Ask him or her if the service comes with some form of guarantees.

If you feel that the wedding photographer is right for you, you can now relax and make the commitment with the confidence that you’ve made a well-formed, smart decision.

On the other hand, if you’re a photographer, you could do yourself a favor by reading this book:  Fearless Photographer: Weddings 24 Things You Should Ask A Wedding Photographer If You Care About Your Wedding Photos . It’s full of real life situations that any wedding photographer may, and can, encounter.

For people who are not professional wedding photographers but have DSLRs, here’s a book that can greatly improve your wedding photos.  Read it before heading to your friend’s wedding: How to Take Great Digital Photos of Your Friend’s Wedding 24 Things You Should Ask A Wedding Photographer If You Care About Your Wedding Photos .

Who else wants to be freed from the drudgery of sharing and distributing event photos to hundreds of people after a wedding or corporate event?

Distributing event photos to attendees (or just even to those few requesting for copies) can sometimes be a chore. And I empathize with those who distribute and those who request copies of these event photos.

You see, I shoot several corporate events and weddings a year and the question most people ask when I take a photo of them is: “So, how do I get a copy?”

If it’s a corporate event, my polite answer is: “You may get it from the corporate communications department or marketing department who commissioned me to document the event.”  And then I tell them the name of the person who hired me.  End of story.

For weddings, my typical answer is: “I’m sure the couple would be very happy to email you the pictures or give you some prints.”  End of story.

And it sometimes breaks my heart because, in my mind, it’s really the end of the story for them because: 1) it’s inconvenient for them and the person, 2) they may not even know the person, and 3) they were just in town for the event and would be flying back home somewhere after the event.

Then I thought of a solution, which isn’t really unique given that many photographers in first world countries implement it already.

So starting very soon, you’ll see a “client page” here where event or wedding guests can access their event photos and download or order prints straight from this website.  All the albums for each event will, of course, be password-protected and can only be seen and accessed by those I authorize.

The benefits to everybody are obvious.

For organizers or corporate employees, their time won’t be taken up by fulfilling requests for event photos and can concentrate more on other work.  For wedding guests and event participants, they can request for pictures in the comfort of their home or office or wherever they are in the world at the click of a button.  They can download, share, print, make a postcard, or enlarge the picture they want and have it framed.  And lastly, for the event and wedding photographer (me), I get to earn more from the orders.

It’s a win-win-win solution.

In terms of pricing, I’ve taken into account what all of us Filipinos are used to paying when it comes to photo printing or downloading.  In short, it will be easy on everyone’s pocket and competitive to local prices.  And the print quality is, I’m proud to say, simply excellent.

So anyone who commissions me for corporate event or wedding can simply inform their guests that the event photos will be posted and available for downloads and print orders in Tony Oquias Photography’s website after a day or two of the event.

If you want to see samples of my event and wedding photography work, just click this here for event photos and here for my wedding galleries.

Got an upcoming event and need a photographer?  Please contact me here. If, on the other hand, you’re a photographer who wants to implement this on your website but don’t know how, email me and I’ll try to guide you.

More later.  Thanks for reading icon smile Who else wants to be freed from the drudgery of sharing and distributing event photos to hundreds of people after a wedding or corporate event?

13 Proven Ways To Save On Wedding Photography While Getting Awesome Wedding Photos

Being a wedding photographer myself, I can just imagine the shock that couples have to go through when they’re presented with today’s wedding photography costs.

If you’re one of them, below are 13 proven ways to save on wedding photography expenses and still get awesome wedding pictures:

  1. Decide on how much you’re willing to allocate to wedding photography and stick to it.  If it can only buy the service of a photographer you like, so be it.  That way, you’re already ensured that the pictures you’ll be getting will be pictures that you will love.  Postpone the albums, framed portraits, prints, what have you.  You can have it later when you have enough funds.  In the Philippines, there are very good photographers who offer their service for only $300 for the whole event.  Of course, that would be a different story if you’re in the U.S. or Europe.
  2. Remember the time when people just buy their albums from the mall and mount the pictures themselves?  You could do that, too, after you’ve made prints of your wedding photos.
  3. Book early, say like 24 months, to get today’s prices.  Most wedding photographers increase their prices yearly.
  4. Cut the timeline.  The longer your event, the more it will cost to document it. Since photographers often charge based on the number of hours they will spend at your wedding, a shorter and smaller wedding celebration will yield big savings in your photography budget.  You could also exclude the preparation part if you want to cut cost.  But you can negotiate this.  I’m sure you and your photographer can reach an agreement where both of you will be happy.  I know I will.
  5. Get a photojournalist.  (Did I just give you an idea that can take away potential business from me?)  I guess I did but since this post is about you getting savings, that’s perfectly okay. Anyway, I think there are enough photography jobs for everybody.  So, go ahead, call the newspapers.  They employ good photographers.  And these photographers are very good at what they do. Even I call them if I need a second or even third shooter.
  6. Commission a good local photographer near the place where you are getting married to avoid out-of-town charges.  If you’re worried about the quality, there’s another post I will share with you later to determine if the photographer can deliver the goods.  So watch out for it.
  7. Get a package from your caterer or event planner.  These wedding caterers and planners sometimes bundle wedding photography with their services.  You can definitely save money if you package everything.
  8. Want creative wedding pictures?   There are lots of amateur photographers willing to produce cool and artsy photos.  Why not try them.  I’m sure they will give you a good package for the chance to do their own style of photography.  Just make sure you want their style in the first place (more on this on a future post.)
  9. There are many photography schools right now.  Why not ask them if they’re willing to refer students who might want to shoot your wedding.  Just don’t expect these photo students to act the same as professional photographers in terms of interaction with you and your guests and handling difficult and totally unexpected situations because unforeseen and sometimes unpleasant things do happen in weddings.  But who knows, you might get a photo student who may already be very good at these things.  Oh, by the way, that’s why professional photographers are expensive.  You’re not just paying a person with a camera.  You’re paying mostly for years of wisdom and experience.  Add to that the insurance that you’ll get what you wanted, and usually more.
  10. Make sure you get the high-resolution photos on DVD.  Try to find a photographer who will let you have the hi-res files.  There are many photographers who consider themselves to be photographers only – artists not in the business of selling photographs.  After the big day, they’ll hand over your DVD and be on their way.  They’re yours to keep and print whenever and wherever you like in any manner you please.
  11. Point your relatives and friends to the website or brick-and-mortar office of your wedding photographer where they can get their own prints and albums.  This way, you don’t pay for their copies.  I’m pretty sure they’ll understand.  Btw, I’m planning to put this idea to work here in my website where people can order prints and albums from their events.  Stay tuned.
  12. Avoid, if you can help it, any cancellation, and find out from the start the photographer’s policy regarding wedding-date changes.  This thing may be another source of shock later on if you don’t ask because professional photographers will definitely charge extra for these things.  I know I will.  Also ask your photographer about alternatives if he or she is not available on the backup date.
  13. And finally, because of Photoshop and other photo retouching applications, you might be tempted to ask your wedding photographer to remove a double chin, make you more shapely, add Aunt Mildred in the picture, and on and on and on.  You know what?  These cost money.  Of course, professional wedding photographers will be willing to do that.  For a cost.  So leave the fancy retouching and effects out and stay within the photographer’s normal digital post processing.  Besides, if your wedding photographer is really good, he or she will make every shot as perfect as can be.  On location.

There.  13 proven ways to save on wedding photography expenses while getting awesome wedding pictures.  I hope you like it.  If you did, you’d do me, and maybe someone who’s getting married, a big favor if you click any of the buttons below to share or tweet it.  I’m also willing to talk with you if you’re one of those with budget concerns.

Oh, by the way,  here’s  a book which I believe could assist you in planning your wedding:  Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing A Fantastic Wedding On A Realistic Budget 13 Proven Ways To Save On Wedding Photography While Getting Awesome Wedding Photos

Photography Tips and Articles

Hi!  Welcome to my blog, which I am simply calling “photography tips and articles.”

Finally decided to put this up since people always ask me for information about a photo, how to do this or that, can you teach me, and many other questions that pertain to my work and cameras in general.  For example, the other day, I was asked if this specific Canon camera was any good.  I told her  I use Nikon but, being generally helpful with these things and knowing where she’s at with her photography, I offered my 2 cents worth and pointed her to a place where she can get it at a very affordable price (I hate mall prices).  She thanked me for the tips and two days later, she showed up in my front door with her new toy.  A real happy camper.

And so with this blog I will welcome any questions, requests, and what have you about photography in general. From time to time, I’ll post photography tips and articles for everyone.  This is my main photo site with various photo categories, like art, people, corporate, industrial, architectural, food, landscape and nature.  Feel free to browse the pages.  Oh, yes, soon-to-be-married couples will likewise get to read wedding photography articles.

By the way, I welcome guest postings so if you want to write an article for this blog, you’re very welcome.  Just make sure it’s photography related.

I only ask that all commenters be civil.  Life is too short for ranting and flaming.  Let’s make this blog an informative and friendly environment where everybody can learn from everyone.  Having said that, I will delete any comment that insults any member of the community and comments that do not contribute to the discussion.  Yes, everybody has freedom to speak his or her mind but not at the expense of another.

So, please join in.  Appreciate your participation.  Ask question or simply comment.  You may also request for topics that you’d want me to write about here.  And if you like any of the posts, you’d do me a big favor if you click any of the buttons below and share or tweet it.