National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics

1. Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects. 2. Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities. 3. Be complete and provide context when photographing or recording subjects. Avoid stereotyping individuals and groups. Recognize…

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I should mention right off the bat that I am going to talk about replicating DIFFUSED natural light and I’ve been struggling with this for a long time now.  I love the look of natural light in food photography and to replicate natural light using…

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Your Camera Mode Dial Explained

The mysterious mode dial of a modern DSLR Stepping up from the camera in your smartphone to a real camera is a good way to start making better images for your blog. Whether you choose an advanced point and shoot, or a camera with interchangeable lenses,…

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There are a hundred ways to throw light on glass, including window light.  I know lighting something so reflective as glass can sound a little intimidating. I admit, drinks are more difficult to light than the simple food, but with a little practice…

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6 tried & tested cropping techniques- lifestyle portrait photography tips

6 simple cropping techniques to improve your lifestyle portrait photography. Whether you’re trying to capture an outfit, photograph yourself against a stunning backdrop or want to find a fun way to photograph a group of your friends on holiday. Here…

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Martial Law Victims

Just finished processing almost 40,000 images from a gruelling two months of non-stop traveling and shooting around the Philippines.  My job was to document martial law victims receiving the second tranche of compensation for human rights violations committed against them and their families.  This slideshow is just a microscopic view of that exhaustive documentation.  As a Filipino, I just hope that those who did not go through what these martial law victims suffered during martial law not take their pains, and heroism, lightly.  Although the martial law victims had moved on, the compensation reminded them again of the torture and the killings like it just happened yesterday. But in spite of that, they are filled with gratitude to the lawyers and nameless individuals who helped them get some kind of justice and reparation.  They simply pray now that nothing like martial law ever visits the country again.



I want to be a Model, Where do I Start ?

Ever so often while I am photographing portraits, I receive requests on how to become a model.  Some of the usual questions I get asked are: How do I get started? Where do I find a Modeling Agency?   How do I get my first photo shoot? Before…

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Photographic Composition

Advice found in photography books, magazines and blogs concerning picture composition is often treated as if by following a few rules you can miraculously somehow bring about the perfect picture. It is better to think of any of these rules simply as…

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One Light Photoshoot – Shadows and Light

Dramatic Lighting Using One Studio Strobe Having some fun with one studio strobe to create some dramatic lighting. This series of images were created using only one studio strobe, a 22″ white beauty dish and a 30 degree grid.  As you can see from…

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Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star Winner

The 2012 Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star grand prize winner at the moment of announcement.  She got a complete set of Electrolux kitchen appliances worth tens of thousands of pesos.  And I got this picture.  I think her expression is priceless.  These are the moments I am constantly watching out for.  It makes all the problems of shooting events such as these worth all the troubles.  Like “unphotogenic” stage lighting that turns people into green, red, or blue ugly monsters; the jostling for position with other photographers; or the group shot where only one or two people are looking at your camera.  As an event photographer, you just have to live with these and constantly think on your feet to minimize them.  Sure there are many ways to eliminate these problems but they take time, which an event photographer doesn’t have as fleeting moments happen every second whether you’re ready to capture it or not.  But when you do capture it, it’s priceless.

More photos below of that moment.