Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star Winner

The 2012 Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star grand prize winner at the moment of announcement.  She got a complete set of Electrolux kitchen appliances worth tens of thousands of pesos.  And I got this picture.  I think her expression is priceless.  These are the moments I am constantly watching out for.  It makes all the problems of shooting events such as these worth all the troubles.  Like “unphotogenic” stage lighting that turns people into green, red, or blue ugly monsters; the jostling for position with other photographers; or the group shot where only one or two people are looking at your camera.  As an event photographer, you just have to live with these and constantly think on your feet to minimize them.  Sure there are many ways to eliminate these problems but they take time, which an event photographer doesn’t have as fleeting moments happen every second whether you’re ready to capture it or not.  But when you do capture it, it’s priceless.

More photos below of that moment.

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  1. Rigette August 27, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    hahahaaha!!!!!! that’s me! saw this just now :P

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