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Now, is there really such a thing?  Best wedding photographer?  I don’t know.  It depends.

It’s like eating out.  Where you go is based on so many things.  What you’re craving for is one factor.  Maybe you like something sweet at the moment so a cake or ice cream house would be the best choice.  Maybe you want it spicy so you choose between Indian or Thai.  Your personality is another.   Are you daring or risk-averse?  Fun or serious?  And, of course, money.  It’s always a consideration, isn’t it?

Now, am I the best wedding photographer?  I could say that, yes.  I could as well say that you’d be tickled pink with the pictures I would be creating during your wedding because they capture the moments and emotions.  I could also say that you’d cherish the photos for the rest of your life. I could say, too, that you won’t have a problem with me because I’m very much easy to work with and deliver on time (just look at the testimonial or “what they’re saying section).  Yes, why not, I could say all that.   But I won’t.  Because saying all that will not make me, or any other photographer, the best wedding photographer.  I think not.  No.

Maybe the question should be “Am I the best wedding photographer for you?”

Again, I don’t know.  It depends.  I still don’t know you, so how can I say I’m the best photographer for your wedding?  That’s why I won’t bombard you here with the “right” words and killer adjectives about how I do things, how I light, how I dress, how I carry myself around your guests, and on, and on, and on.  Those would be just words calculated to convince you and make a sale.  Nothing wrong with that except that your wedding photos are not about me or any photographer.  Never.

Your wedding photos should be about you.  About your personality.  Values.  Reputation.  Sensitivities.  What you want.  What you want to see. What you are thinking.  What you are worried about.  What you are — as an individual; and a couple.  What you are willing to  spend on.  What you are ready to give up.  In short, it should all be about you.

So beguiling prose is out for me.  Waste of time.  Yours and mine.

What I would suggest is you email me not to ask for a quotation because I can give you versions of my basic services that could blow your mind, which if you add to the quotations and versions of other several photographers who obliged to give you theirs, you’re going to spend sleepless nights just studying and comparing them all.

Don’t punish yourself.  Email me for a free consultation.  And let’s talk — offline or online.  My consultation is free.  You tell me what you want, what you need, what you are concerned about, what your soon-to-be spouse wants, what the in-laws and your parents are demanding, etc., etc., etc.  If you don’t know what you want (which is highly unlikely), I will help you verbalize it because every person must want something.  From there I will draw up the best wedding photography package that I can offer based on what I now know about you and what’s important to you.  With this free consultation you will not be wasting time pouring over several quotations because you will be focused on what you really want and not on the infinite options we photographers tend to give.  At the end of the day, you’ll have more time for the 1,001 things you have to do and worry about before your wedding, knowing that you’re already guaranteed of getting what you wanted in terms of your wedding pictures.

So do all these make me the best wedding photographer for you?  Again, I don’t know.  We haven’t met.  We haven’t talked.

Email or call me (+63 999 7022386, +63 927 8637799, +63 46 4020193).  We’ll talk.  You can look at my work.  You can appraise me.  You can negotiate with me.  Share a few laughs, even.  Negotiate more.  Then decide if I’m the best wedding photographer for you.


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